Resume of Angelita Chaco


Work Experience


I enjoy traveling, sewing, metal detecting, dancing, computers, and reading. I purchased a computer in April of 1996 and have been teaching myself how to use it ever since. I am proficient in Windows 95 and have used some business software, such as: My Brochures, My Business Page, Microsoft Works, and Microsoft Office. I am also very good at navigating the internet and am knowledgeable with Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, and America Online. I have taught myself some basic HTML and have put up a commercial community based website which I designed and currently maintain. I am extremely interested in finance and investment in particular stock market investing (mostly the NASDAQ). I have done some investing through online brokerages such as Ameritrade, Suretrade, and My Discount Broker.
Personal Statement

My most important assets are my ability to learn quickly and my organizational skills. I have learned various office skills through education and past work experience. I have also acquired some knowledge through running my own part-time business, knowledge such as: minimal bookkeeping skills, customer service, and some Spanish speaking skills.

Business and Personal References

Available upon request.

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