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Hey There...Welcome to My Other Homepage.

Most people don't even have one home and I've got two. Yeah Right...Two homes. At least one home is on my goal list. Someday, I would like to own my own home. I haven't decided where it will be located yet though. It's kind of sad that owning our own home is a dream that most of us share. I always thought dreams were supposed to consist of luxurious things. I guess it's a sign of the times when we all have to dream of something that should be a basic necessity. Funny, I always thought food and shelter were man's basic necessities. It seems that with the way things are now at least one or both are luxuries. Kind of depressing, don't you think?
Hmm...What other boring details about a total stranger might you want to know??? How about something really materialistic, like what kind of car I drive? Nope... Not going to show you. Okay, how about what I'd like to be driving?  A "98" Corvette or A BMW Roadster. Wishful thinking, huh?
Well, if I got a new vehicle, I'd head out on the road for a year. Anyone want to join me? I'd love to drive the whole US without any particular direction. There's another irony...It would be considered a dream by most to drive a vehicle all around the country without any particular destination, but when we do that with our lives, it's considered irresponsible. Hmm...Go Figure. I've got a little direction in my life. I know where I want to be, just haven't quite figured out how to get there yet. I have a goal book that I cross things off of everyday (Well. maybe not everyday, but things "DO" get crossed off).
Some Of My Goals
This Website
Writing a Book
Patenting, Manufacturing, and Marketing an Idea I've Got
Travel, Travel...Oh and did I mention Travel????
Some of the places I've seen: Most of the states from the Midwest over to the West Coast, and Puerto Rico.

Well, What Can I Bore You With Next...

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