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Do It Today, There May Be No Tomorrow: I have always held the belief that we should do the things in life we desire to do most while we are still able to do them. Society teaches us to live for the future, to sacrifice today for tomorrow. What if tomorrow never comes? I have seen the result of living for tomorrow from both ends of the spectrum through the recent passing of two lives: One Younger and One Older. The older one missed out on a lifetime of todays living for tomorrow. He got up at the same time each day and went to bed at the same time each night. He spent the majority of his lifetime working and a relatively small amount of it doing the things he enjoyed. He retired and reached that day that society is so assured we all have, only to pass away shortly thereafter. The younger one never got to reach the assumed tomorrow, he passed away before he ever even graduated from high school.

On Metal Detecting: People often ask why I enjoy metal detecting. Metal detecting to me is a method of escape. When I am walking around in an area, with the detector, I try to imagine what may have taken place on this particular piece of land in the past. If I were in this very spot in the past, "What might I have been doing?". I believe more of us should have a knowledge of history so that when we travel or stand in a historic spot, we will have a better appreciation of the earth beneath our feet.

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