A Call To Duty

Uniting Under A Common Symbol

It is with great sadness that this is written. It is a sadness that comes from the heart, a sadness to which most of us are truly blind. Our country is in a state of great despair. This is written to unveil that which I believe to be the cause. While the media and most other powerful entities continue to point fingers in many directions I am only looking in one direction. A direction that has somehow become lost to all that seek it. We are all pointing fingers in many directions when we have only one direction to look to..."Up"
Up is the direction we need to look to. We need only to look up and see that the symbol of our great nation is wilting. The American Flag is wilting, wilting like an untended flower. The American Flag was created as a testament to our courage and determination as a nation. Do you know about the symbol that flies above you? It is a symbol of greatness and pride to which other nations would look to with envy. Our flag and our country are no longer envied. Why? You ask. The answer is simple...
The people of the United States are no longer united. In the past, we were all united by a single concept. A concept today, we all seem to be painfully ignorant of. That concept, being simply: United...United in Freedom. We have all abused our freedom and therefore are no longer united. Before, those who came to and created this nation were driven... Driven by the desire to find a homeland. Our forefathers set up a homeland for us but we have somehow become unrelated brothers and sisters.
In the past, people immigrated to this country because they could no longer call the country of their origins home. When they reached this great nation they called this home.
They understood the concept of home being where one resided.
Therefore, this being their home, they all stood proudly to defend it. So, why is it so different today? Many of us immigrated here, yet still call some place else home
. This can be seen by the way we label ourselves: Chinese/American, African/American, Mexican/American, etc. Are we not all Americans? Can we drop the origin country that makes us all unrelated and just accept that we are all Americans? Americans who take pride in their homeland. A homeland not divided but instead..."United". United under a great symbol such as our flag.
So...I ask of you today as a fellow American, please look up for direction. Let us all gather our strength from uniting under this great symbol, instead of dividing under it. If we all accept this direction, our world may not be a better place but at least our country will be.
So...I ask of you today as your fellow American brother/sister to do your duty as the flag above you represents. Take pride in our great nation and unite. Ask yourself what "duty" can I do today that will make this a great nation once again. I can pick up a piece of litter or introduce myself to a neighbor or perhaps I could just pass this "Call to Duty" along to a fellow American brother/sister to serve as a reminder of the great symbol of direction under which we must all Unite!

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